Monday, April 6, 2009

Baby Update - April 2009

My husband and I flocked to Cardinal Santos last Friday afternoon to catch my OB who had to move her MTech clinic to her Cardinal Santos clinic since MTech has been temporarily closed since April 01, 2009.

Anyway, I took the MRT from the Buendia station up to EDSA-Shangri-La Mall (Shaw Blvd. station) and met with my husband there so we can get to the clinic on time. Despite the crowded MRT train, it was okay with me since my mind was on the appointment plus the fact that I was just so very excited to hear the baby's heartbeat again.

When we got to Cardinal Santos (this is also where we're planning to give birth by the way), the OB was already there waiting for us. Upon weighing, I think I gained 2 pounds since my last check-up. During the previous month, I even lost 2 pounds so I'm quite happy that I'm now progressing. My OB checked my BP and it was normal at 120/80. Because of my consistently high BP in the past, she made us record my BP daily. Now it's pretty much back to normal (thank God!). After a little bit of chit-chat, she made me lie down while she looked at the baby through her portable ultrasound machine. It seems that the length of the baby is okay and the heartbeat okay too. She said that the baby is 'malikot' (for which I was surprised since I still do not feel the baby moving that much). She tried to find out too if we will get to know the gender already as early as now. My husband was watching the monitor all the time....A little slide here and another there and then the OB said "Wait!!! I think there's something." I got a little nervous for a second (because of the tone of her voice) but it turned out that that 'something' that she was referring to was baby's you-know-what. When it was my turn to look, in between the baby's legs was a 'ball' as some would say (as opposed to a 'hamburger' for girls). Whoopppee! Of course, the doctor said that it may just be the umbilical cord posing as the baby's organ so just to be sure, maybe we should wait a little bit more till we can see the 'thing' more clearly.

Anyway, that's how our appointment ended. It was a fantastic feeling to see the baby through the help of technology. Whether it's a boy or girl, we're just so happy to see that everything is fine. :-) Our next OB appointment - May 02, 2009 (Saturday). :-) Great!

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Vanniedosa said...

wow....galing naman :) sana boy? hehehe ako naman sana girl hehehe ingat

Vina said...

sana girl na nga for you!

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