Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter everyone! How did you celebrate your Easter this year? I had just finished visiting some local chat rooms when I remembered to do a post about how we spent our Easter Sunday. This year, we all went to the traditional Easter morning mass in our village and then participated in the Egg Hunting activity for kids.

As a child, I grew up always looking forward to the Easter mass, village breakfast get-together and Easter egg hunting. I still remember going home with 'lots' of money to spend and decorated eggs to eat. This tradition somehow stopped in the past years. Maybe it was because the people got busier and the kids (us) got older. It was good that the chapel council thought of reviving this tradition. Actually, as part of the second generation of homeowners and as the assistant treasurer of the chapel council, I was member of the committee who prepared for the activity.

So after the Easter Sunday mass, the kids gathered around the basketball and playground area for the egg hunt. The adults, meanwhile, feasted on pancit, soup, hot pandesal, bibingka, and many other delicious treats. It was great seeing Zoe dancing along with the loud music and looking so delighted to see so many kids around. I was also so glad to see some of my long-time childhood friends there. Too bad, I didn't bring my camera during the hunt. But here are some pics taken when we got home. Zoe was able to 'produce' one Easter egg (worth 20 pesos), a bag of goodies and a bowl of pancit (for her snack).

Happy Easter again everyone!

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