Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hot, Hot, Hot

After my fainting spell last Friday, I had to be extra careful in keeping myself cool all the time. I think the main culprit for my fainting incident was the hot weather outside matched with lack of proper air-conditioning in the building where I went to attend mass. To make matters worse, when I went back to my work station, I found out that our office had to be on temporarily fan mode because we were on just being powered by a generator due to a power interruption in the area. Oh no!

Anyway, because of this, last Saturday, I had the excuse of keeping our room air-conditioner on for most of the day. I was still feeling bouts of headaches too so my husband allowed me to indulge myself a bit. I stayed in the room during the whole afternoon because I don't want to go around fainting again. Incidentally, as I was surfing, I also 'saw' my friend online so we talked a little bit. She is now in Cleveland and our conversation went as far as talking about the best HVAC contractors in the area. I mentioned to her what I know about Cleveland hvac, one of the best contractors in HVAC which you can find in the area. You see, her office has been looking for a HVAC contractor which can give the best level of service for their building heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system. I told her to give them a call at the number found in their website. Anyway, I was glad to be of help to someone even if I'm confined to the four corners of our bedroom on a hot Saturday afternoon.

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Vanniedosa said...

hai naku sis, me too i had a fainting spell a few weeks back sa mall; i think it was because of the crowd...i dunno. but grabe nga heat noh?

buti dito sa cebu these past few days umuulan :)

anyway: keep safe & an award for u here pa hehehe

Vina said...

hi vannie! naku, talagang super init. umuulan din dito pero ang init pa rin.

anyway, thanks for the award!

take care! :-)

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