Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I Remember

I remember that when I was pregnant the first time, I had the worse kind of skin rash that my OB said was due to an allergic reaction to something.

The culprit? We concluded that the cause was the dust from our floor renovation. You see, at that time, we had the wooden flooring in our bedroom re-done because the contractor who did it the first time did it wrongly. Unlike good contractors like the Seattle flooring company, they laid out the wood without drying it properly first. Thus, when it was done, the wood ended up shrinking, leaving bits of space in-between the wood. Anyway, that being a given, we made a decision of having the floor renovation right before I give birth. We thought it would be better to do the renovation then, before the baby arrived. However, the construction left a huge pile of dust in the room that left me so itchy.

Truly, my arms and legs were black and blue from rashes. I had red spots all over which later on turned into dark ugly spots. That condition lasted for about two weeks and it was really a bad time for me. I sometimes end up crying at night because I was bothered by the itch and by the bad feeling that it may hurt the baby inside me. Anyway, I'm so glad that it didn't have any adverse effect on the baby. Now this time I know that I should be more careful and try to avoid anything that can cause any allergic reaction, especially dust and dirt.

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