Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mall Sale this Weekend

Yesterday, on my way to work, I saw this big sign about SM Megamall’s 4-day sale this coming Labor Day weekend. I grasped for a minute upon seeing the sign. I thought to myself that it’s definitely getting bigger and bigger (or it better to say worse and worse?). Just a few years back, the mall sale lasted for only for a day. Then it became a three-day sale, often coinciding with a payday weekend. As a variety, the 3-day sale also sometimes adds a midnight madness feature which means that the store hours for a day (usually on the first day that is Friday) will be up to 12 midnight. Then now, I see this sign and it clearly states that the mall sale will be a 4-day sale with three days of that with store hours up to 12 midnight. Back then, I was a mall sale fanatic. I would brave the traffic just to be able to check out what the best buys are in the sale. When I was still single, I actually never missed out on the major mall sales. But it’s all different now. I’ve learned much about the beauty of the virtue of temperance. I’ve learned to stop buying out of want. I’ve learned to stop myself from going to the sales. So, if you ask me now if I want to go that 4-day sale, my answer is yes but no thanks.

On the side, I am thinking why all these stores are giving so much so that consumers will buy their products. This may be the effect of the worldwide economic recession. This global threat is making people want to keep their money in their wallets as long as they can. Maybe there is also a problem in retail management. Some retail companies may not be in touch with what their customers want or are not implementing good inventory management for their stocks. For this type of problem, I suggest that these companies avail of good consultants such as Hurlbut & Associates who will advise them on how to manage their inventory well and target the needs of their current and future customers.

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