Monday, April 13, 2009

Repairs, Repairs

Yes, during the last weekend was specially devoted to repairs. With the home supply shops back in their regular business hours, my husband and I went looking for things we needed from the mall for our repair projects.

Going around the house, we found many things that needed repair. Some of the faucets were leaking. There were some light bulbs to be replaced. The front gate also needed to be re-oiled and its locks changed. Then we also found that some knobs from our kitchen and wardrobe cabinets are already loose. Actually, some are even detached and missing already. Apparently, the home contractor that we got used low-quality knobs for our cabinets. Thus, only less than 4 years after the house has been built, many of the cabinets are already broken. It's frustrating to see this since we were charged a very high price for those cabinets.

Anyway, this led me to start looking for a new contractor who can redo and re-varnish our cabinets. I'm thinking of contacting Virginia Beach remodeling contractors to do the job for me. For starters, I really want to replace the old wooden look of our kitchen cabinets into something that's pearly white, just like the kitchen cabinet of Ina Garten of Barefoot Contessa. I really love her kitchen cabinets! It makes me feel so inspired to cook! Have you seen it? Don't you think it's so nice?

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