Monday, April 20, 2009

White, Cream and Black

White, cream and black. That's how I am imagining how our house will be after having a repainting job done. I saw a celebrity house in the internet the today and fell in love with the colors of her house which was in white, cream and black. So if budget permits and if my Dad will allow it, I hope to set that as my inspiration for the new colors of the house. The house is currently colored in mocha and white, both inside and outside. Although I think this combination is good (I actually like it very much), maybe it would be more refreshing to see the house in a lighter color next time. Besides, the current paint of the house is beginning to peel off already. So maybe it's really high time to start on a repainting project. I have tried to canvass through Des Moines Painting about painting possibilities. They do a very good job from what I've seen and read. I believe that getting a professional to do the job is very important especially when it comes to painting the house. For a homeowner like me, I know that even if I have to shell out some money, the results are going to be worth it.

Hopefully we can start that project as soon as possible and before I give birth this September. In that way, it would be like we are having a new baby and a new house!

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