Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back to Work, Back to Blogging!

We just finished another 3-day vacation and I feel so refreshed! I finally got that much-needed rest, thank God! So what did else did we get to do?

*Hunny had another birthday party at home, this time with his officemates/staff

*I was able to buy a notebook (wink!) for myself after eons of waiting.

*We did the grocery with the little girl in tow (she's beginning to ask for stuff already, hmmm).

*We attended Zoe's last summer class of Kindermusik (we plan to enroll again next semester).

*We all went to Robinson's Galleria's Tom World and had loads of fun!

*I bought some clothes and had some repaired.

*I made a 9-day menu, hoping it'll be executed properly.

Anyway, I still have some knee problems which started mid last week. I really hope it will be gone soon. :-)

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