Sunday, June 7, 2009

Carpet Care

I love carpets. I used to think that our big Persian rug is the main attraction in our living room. It gives the room a good boost of colors that brightens up the place. Our rug has a flowery design that matches the colors of our living room furniture, our curtains, as well as the colors of the wall. However, if you plan to put a big rug or have carpet installed in your room, my advice is that you better be equipped with the machine and the knowledge on how to clean it. Otherwise, maybe it is better to hire a professional carpet cleaner to do the job for you.

I admit, I've ruined a couple of carpets before. I was assuming that I knew it all so I destroyed it and it had to be folded up and left in the storage room. This was because my DIY method of cleaning just was not right. My first fault is in not having a carpet cleaning machine of my own (nor did I borrow one). I thought you can just wash it and let it air-dry. Second, I used the wrong kind of bleach which eventually did not remove the dirty spot properly. Then, I also did not dry it that right way that the bottom part of the carpet began to crumble. Lastly, I really should have hired a professional Austin Carpet Cleaning company to do the job for me instead. I'm sure they would have done the job faster and better!

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