Friday, June 5, 2009

A Confession

Maybe you've read it in my blogs~

I've been on a cola and dessert ban since Friday. Well, I'm almost on it for one week and so far here's how I fared:


1. Ate kakanin last Saturday - We brought a BIG box of kakanin on Friday morning prior to going to the doctor...Now who's gonna eat all that sapin-sapin and bibingka?

2. Drank 1 glass of coke on Sunday - I was at a McDonald's kiddie party with Hun and Zoe and got nothing else to drink (yeah, yeah)

3. Ate a glassful of sweet corn-flavored ice cream yesterday - Hell, it was Francis' 16th birthday and there was too much ice cream at home with no room for it in the's better to eat it before it all melts down, right? LOL.

So there, 3 misses in a week. NOT BAD, right?

I promise to do better next week.

Love you baby boy!

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