Thursday, June 4, 2009

On a Hot Summer Day

Ever experienced your auto air-conditioning breakdown while you are on a trip on an unusually hot summer day?

Well, I still remember that happened to me and my then-fiancée on our way to an important initial appointment with a couturier. We were then at the height of our wedding preparations and have had our share of several disappointing wedding supplier prospects. Anyway, that particular day was an ultra-hot day. Without any warning, our car air-conditioning suddenly broke down and both of us went sweating like crazy from the sun's scorching heat. To make things worse, we couldn't find our way to the house of the wedding designer. We were going on in circles before we finally found the place. With all the trouble that we went through, my then fiancée (now of course, my dear husband) told me that if the wedding gown designer will be another disappointment, then that would really be a very bad sign.

Anyway, the great thing was is that the wedding gown designer turned out to be very nice. He saw that we were so tired, sweaty and feeling hot. He both offered us a glass of ice-cold strawberry juice which was simply heaven-sent. I think, apart that his gowns are really gorgeous; it was mostly that juice that made us sign the contract with him almost immediately.

Going back to our car's air-conditioning, we had that fixed right after that appointment. The mechanic said that we needed to replace our diesel turbocharger and some other things. It was fixed in no time. With that, everything else with our wedding preparations went in a breeze and life was all good again.

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