Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mommy Moments - Pouting Face

mommy moments

Here are pictures of my Zoe who is obviously in her terrible two's. Hahaha.

Zoe sometimes cries when she sees me leave for work again after a long weekend vacation of our being together...

Taken in KFC on her actual 2nd birthday...we didn't want her to take a hold of the camera.

Lastly, here's Zoe (sitting in the middle) at the verge of tantrums on her 2nd birthday party:

Happy weekend everyone! Thanks Chris!

4 shared their thoughts:

Chris said...

zoe isnt very happy there! thanks for joining us again this week! great to see you again...d

Vina P said...

thanks chris!

Laine said...

ows, wawa naman tingnan ni zoe pero ang cute nya kahit naka pout ang face.:)

nel's bebi said...

hi vina! nakakatuwa naman si zoe sa last picture. nagtantrums talaga sa party e no, hahahaha

here's mine:

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