Monday, July 20, 2009

Packing 101 - The Delivery Day

With my delivery coming up, I have been trying to complete packing the hospital bag for myself, my baby and my husband for the 3-4 days stay in Cardinal.

I gathered some tips online and I would like to make an online check of how I am faring in the list.

For Mommy / Daddy:

1) List of phone numbers or a phone tree of people to call and share the good news - ok
2) Your own comfortable nursing gown if you plan on breastfeeding - none yet
3) Lip balm - you'll be glad you have this - ok
4) Your own maxi pads - the hospital will provide these, but your own may be more comfortable - ok
5) A camera and/or video camera - just a camera for now
6) Baby book for the hand and foot prints - ok
7) Toiletries - ok
8) Hair accessories - ok
9) Makeup - ok
10) An extra change of comfortable clothes for you - none yet
11) Change of clothes for your partner - none yet
12) Breast pump - need to check my old pump if it's still ok to use

For Baby

1) Warm hat and booties - ok
2) Your favorite baby blanket - ok
3) Outfit for hospital pictures, if you choose to have them done - ok
4) Going home outfit - ok
5) Approved car seat (you won't be able to leave without one) - none yet
6) Diapers for the ride home - ok

So I guess I'm almost ready!

Anyway, in addition, here's a video clip I found in Youtube.

Wish me luck!!!

4 shared their thoughts:

Toni said...

Ooh I hope that you have a safe delivery! :) I'm delivering at Cardinal too! :)

Vina P said...

hi toni! good luck to us! have a safe delivery too!

Chris said...

excited for you! where will you be giving birth?

Vina P said...

hi chris! i'm almost 35 weeks now so i could give birth at least 2 weeks from now. :-)

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