Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Still a Messie, but working on it...


Are you still a messie up to now? Like ME? Hahaha.

We recently moved into a new office space at work and I realized then how still far I am from being the neat and orderly person that I want to be. Just imagine, I've accumulated a big box of scratch papers and unwanted files (but got no time to shred it all yet). On top of that, my files are so not in order because I have this bad habit of stashing away papers for file, thinking that later on, I'll have the time to do it. I also have brought home so many of my personal stuff to accommodate the new but limited space that I was given. I went home one night with my lots of picture frames, used ballpens, clips, notebooks, folders, mugs, umbrellas, etc. etc. The security guard at the lobby almost thought that I was resigning!!! Hahaha.

Anyway, I won't lose hope. Baby steps, baby steps...until I finally get there.

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