Friday, October 30, 2009

Learning Something New

I was just talking to my friend who worked for a company as a network administrator and we were discussing our different experiences regarding our work. I told her that before I went on maternity leave, I was thinking of the possibility of me training to learn a HRIS-accounting program that would be very helpful in building my skills in HR Compensation and Benefits as well as in payroll work. You see, our unit recently merged with our employee payroll department and this meant that we would even more closely work with the people who are implementing our payroll scheme. My friend, on the other hand, talked about this new screen locking system that has an auto log off feature that would be very helpful in the work of a network administrator.

Anyway, I just had to smile at our conversation because it all seemed so serious. But I realize that it's great sharing our experiences at work because by this we learn something new even if it's outside our respective profession.

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