Friday, October 30, 2009

Our Car is Sick.

More than a month has already passed after we experienced typhoon Ondoy and still our car (which was fully submerged in flood water for 3 days) is still sick. Just like the many cars in our place, our car (which we fondly call Mica) is still not A-ok. We have already brought Mica to the car shop so many times but still, whenever we try to use it, it shows signs that it wants to break down or something like that. My brother in law says that we again need to have the transmission cleaned and properly drained (that is, for the nth time already) plus we need to check the leak in the steering box.

Speaking of steering parts, you can actually avail of parts online via Power Steering Pros. They offer good quality products plus you can avail of free shipping. But you know, I'm not actually sure if they ship to our place. If they do, I'm sure to order a new steering box from them.

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