Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Folks are Back at Home

My Dad and Ninang arrived yesterday to visit us again. They were just in our house the other day wherein they stayed with us for over a week and now they are back again with lots of stories and, of course, goodies for the kids.

You see, my Dad already now lives in Batangas. They only come and visit us once in awhile since they already have their regular activities and other involvement in their parish church. Anyway, whenever they go home from Batangas to Cainta, they often travel by car. And since this is quite a long drive, for every trip, I could sense that my Dad often feels tired afterwards.

Well, this is all expected since they are already past their 60's. At that age, it is already common for people to experience different kinds of pain in their bodies, particularly in the back area as well as in the lower extremities. That is why, I suggested to them to go buy tramadol bluebook and find out what is tramadol hcl 50mg used for. I think this drug can relieve pain that is hounding your back or lumbar area. After taking it, you will feel less of the pain and then gain that energy and confidence to get up and move around once again. You can buy tramadol online. I told my folks that and I'm sure they will look it up.

Anyway, going back to my Dad. I think it's good that they always come to visit. Especially now that we already have two kids and both my husband and I are working, it somehow gives me a better feeling or assurance that there is a family member who is there to be with my children. It's because when we leave for work, the kids are, most often than not, left with our helper and a yaya. And since the Zoe is now three years old and is often making havoc at home with her antics, that leaves the yaya often busy chasing after her. Now I wonder if the baby boy is being properly given the attention and care he needs if we're not around. Hmm, I wonder.

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