Sunday, November 8, 2009

Moving to NY

Moving has never been an easy task for anyone. Just like in the case of my friend who recently moved to NY, it's been hard for him to adjust to the rhythm of city life. Well, good thing that my friend is a TV addict and he can readily divert his anxieties by watching the shows he likes the most on TV. I actually told him that he can have access to the shows regarding his personal interests such as science and sports by getting Direct TV. What's more, he can even invite his new friends to his place so they can watch live games in the Directv sports channel. For example, it would be exciting to be watching the Major League Baseball Championships on TV live, right?

For easy access, I also told him about Direct TV in NY so he'll know the stuff that are available in his new location. I'm very sure that he will find this very helpful indeed.

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