Sunday, November 22, 2009

Wanted: Beautiful Flooring

I hitched a ride with a neighbor the other day and on the way, we talked about our personal experiences during the flood. That's when she told me the ordeal that their family went through during that time. She told me that up to now, their house smells bad because of the flood water that entered their whole house. Too add, all their flooring is also badly damaged and she thinks that it is better to have it altogether replaced rather than repaired.

Given that this kind of catatrophe won't happen again, I suggested to her to try to have their floor replaced with laminate flooring. Compared to their old wood parquet floor that is almost always subject to weather, sunlight and other factors, wood laminate flooring provides a sturdier and more durable flooring. A hardwood laminate flooring is very easy to install and can be repaired without much hassle. Plus, of much help to calamity victims like us, she can get discount laminate flooring which is a welcome treat for people who can't spend as much.

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flooring Houston said...

Natural calamities like storms that bring in floods is truly very challenging, any flooded household would feel helpless in these times. Considering flooring that is damaged can be a big deal. It's good to know that are already many alternatives in the flooring market as you have suggested.

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