Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back from a short break

Guess what? I'm again back in the office. It's supposed to be a regular working day but my mind is still having a hang-over from the Christmas celebrations...and so I'm blogging to get myself back on track. LOL (what an excuse!).

Anyway, our Christmas was great! We had our usual family get-together on Christmas day with my relatives on my mother's side and my in-laws (SILs, pamangkins and MIL) spending the whole day at our home. Of course, my Tatay and Ninang and Francis were there too. The only person we're missing is my sister who is in Iloilo.

For Christmas lunch, we served chicken mushroom spaghetti, potato-apple salad, lumpiang shanghai, kaldereta. All yummy!!!

Wish it was Christmas day again....(sigh).

Happy Birthday Bro! :-)

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