Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dinner at Eastwood

Our dear friend Cleng just arrived from London last week. She went home to tie the knot with her boyfriend this weekend. And since the wedding is already this weekend, we took some time out (before everything gets crazy!) to go have dinner together last night. We were with Mike, the groom-to-be, Cleng’s younger sister (and her significant other) and our good, good friends, Cris and Joan.

With everybody’s uber-busy schedules, we met in Eastwood Mall later than what was planned. Anyway, our feet led us to Cyma for dinner and Cheesecake, etc. for coffee and dessert (deserves a separate post!).

Dinner was, as usual, filled with a lot of funny stories. The food was sumptuous and the company was great. These friends of mine are all definitely friends for life (and as Joan would joke – FFAE ~ friends forever and ever). It’s because no matter how long we have not seen each other, all is the same, as if we never really were apart for months and years. We can still talk about anything, from serious concerns to the most trivial things such as our crazy past lives, bags, ford accessories (except for Cleng, we all know how to drive, you see) and many other things.

I guess, as friends, we've reached the point that in spite of our differences (which were more pronounced when we were younger) and peculiarities, we love and accept each other as we are and there are no more biases and no more ill-feelings, only happy memories of our friendship which is already more than 25 years and counting.

Here are some pictures.

Group pic at Cyma:

B2B, G2B, and MOH.



Group pic at Cheesecake, Etc.

Trying a no-smile pose ala-Familia Zaragoza (I couldn't contain my smile!!!!):

After a few trysts...we finally made the pose. CrazY! Hahahaha!

Till next time guys!

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