Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm Off...

I’m off to the mall tonight after work to further canvass materials for the re-upholstering for our living room set. My husband and I talked earlier and we settled on just re-upholstering first our old sofa set instead of taking the big plunge of buying a new set. We decided that it would be more practical at this time to wait and save up some more before our big furniture purchase this year.

The plan is to re-upholster the old sofa and then bring it up to the family room in the attic when we get to buy a new furniture set. We are planning to convert the family room that now serves as Zoe’s toy room into an entertainment area where we also plan to install a big TV and some gaming consoles. Anyway, as for the new living room furniture, I am eyeing on those high quality designed modern furniture I found online. I am simply enamored by the lovely designs that I saw. You are sure to get 100% authenticity guarantee when you purchase from them. Plus, would you believe that they accept Paypal? I’m so happy.

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