Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kicking the Habit

I’ve been so moved to really do better this year 2010. I have so much to improve on, you know. On the topic of bad habits, I’m trying to get rid of some of my personal bad habits. So here’s another round of (New Year’s) resolutions which I thought I needed for myself:

1. I need to stop going to bed with makeup on. Sometimes (or all the time, I must say), I feel so dead tired at the end of the day that I head off to sleep as soon as I change into my sleep clothes. I hate having to wash my face with water (I feel that it causes my eyesight to get worse than how it already is) but I am all too lazy to grab a cotton and use my cleansing oil.

2. I also need to get out of the habit of going for seconds. Yup, I am an emotional eater and I talk a lot too while eating dinner. So when my talking isn’t finished yet, my eating isn’t finished either. LOL. Well, you can clearly see I’m a crazy girl.

3. I need to stop buying shoes…and more shoes! Maybe I should divert this addiction into bags this year. Hahahaha!

4. I have to be more on time in paying bills. Punctuality has to be in all areas of your life and that includes paying the monthly bills before it’s due.

5. I also resolve to brush my teeth a bit longer. Well, it’s a whole myriad of doing things longer actually. You see, I have a tendency to rush around my morning ritual and that includes hurrying to take a bath, dressing up, brushing my teeth and many other small things that I do without thinking much. Bottom line really is: WAKE UP EARLIER so I don’t need to RUSH anymore.

What do you guys think? Obviously, my list of bad habits is just about small things, thank God. Unlike others who cannot kick the habit of smoking or drug addiction, for example. Oh, that’s so much of a bigger struggle if you ask me. Addiction Treatment is no joke for someone who is in denial. Drug Treatment, even if it’s readily available, is something that is not yet an option for many who are hooked on drugs and need to go for drug rehab.

Anyway, I’m hoping I would make a follow through on these resolutions of mine. Wish me luck!!!

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