Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Weekend

Weekend's almost over! Whaaa! Time seems to fly so fast. I haven't even time to do that things I need to do, much less make a quick order for a couple of printer cartridges from Cartridge Save. (But I guess I need not worry about that - they usually deliver the next day and the transaction is almost hassle-free.)

About my weekend, Luigi turned 4 months last Friday. Again, we had pancit and ginataan to celebrate. Overall, Luigi is developing pretty well. He loves lying on his tummy ever since he successfully learned to do it two weeks before he turned 4 months. He also already knows how to roll over to one side and lift his head higher than before. He continues to make cute sounds ("ah-googoos", shrieks, hums) and I'm sure he will be a charmer when he grows up! He also still directly feeds from me every morning and night on weekdays and all day on weekends. It's so exciting! I'm so proud of his accomplishments especially this week.

Yesterday was the first class for 2010 at Kindermusik for Zoe. As usual, she was hyper about school. She really enjoys the classes and has a natural inclination to music. We only have to train her better to learn how to sit down when she needs to (she sometimes can't stay put!) and teach her a bit more English (for we almost always preferably talk to her in the native language).

At the home front, I've done a lot of cleaning today: wiped the shelves, weeded out the drawers in the living room, rearranged the photo frames in the bedroom and many more. It's so tiring. Anyway, I'll try to include more pictures in my next posts. Till, then, enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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