Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Photo Effects Galore!

I was browsing through some blogs yesterday and found several people doing the 365 picture project. I think it’s kinda cool! I would want to have started something like that too if only I have the time, especially now that I got myself a nifty camera from the States. But things are, as usual, pretty busy so I would have to side that aside for now.

Anyway, I think I would rather satisfy myself with using online funny photo effects during my free time. If you are follower of my different blogs, you would notice that I am a certified fan of fun photoshop effects. I think my kids are the main driving force for my keen interest in funny pictures effects and in photos in general.

Having said this, I am just so pleased to have tumbled upon another cool site that offers a new photo effect – everyday! Now, you and I now have a reason to be creative with our pictures day in, day out.

I checked out the site and was just at awe at the numerous free choices that they have for blogger moms like me! (There are so many that it literally took me so many minutes to try out each and every single application!)

And naturally, what would be the subject of my photos but my two adorable kids?! I love these pictures to bits! Lookie here! Cute! Cute! Cute!

Happy picture-taking everyone!

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