Thursday, January 21, 2010

She's Going to Preschool!

Zoe just had her assessment at a nearby preschool yesterday. The assessment and interview would be a method to gauge which is the most appropriate level or class the student should be placed.

Not surprisingly, as this was my daughter's first time to get assessed, I was a freakin' stage mother. LOL. I wanted to prepare her for the test but I guess one can never be really prepared for something like this, right? My auntie who is visiting us from the US is a school administrator and she would share with us what usually happens during an assessment. But even with that knowledge, anything goes really. The result would really just depend on Zoe's level of maturity and how she shows it.

At any rate, whatever level she might be placed in (results come after 3 working days), I am already happy just to see Zoe excited to go to that school. You see, when I told her that she's going back to visit the school again, her eyes beamed as she happily asked me: "Lalaro ako ulit? (I'll be playing again?)". When she said "play" she was referring to the huge swing sets that the school had at the back of their building. During our last visit, she almost didn't want to go home because she enjoyed the school's playground equipment so much, particularly the red and green swingset that they had. So when it was time to say goodbye, she waved bye-bye to the teacher as well as to the swing. Cute!

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Chris said...

how fast time flies!

Vina P said...

so true chris! awww. she's a big girl now.

thanks for dropping by!

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