Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What Happened to me today.

For the past two days, I secretly felt that something “bad” will happen and what’s worse, I felt that that “bad” thing will happen to no one else but me. I don’t know where the feeling came from but it sure was there. And a lo and behold! Murphy’s Law ("If anything can go wrong, it will") did happen and it left me with aching bones and several scratches.

Today, I fell on my tush in the middle of the street as I was getting off the van that I was riding to go to work. I was about to go down (I know my voice was loud enough to inform the driver that I was going down, promise!) when the driver suddenly stepped on the gas without looking behind, leaving me (with my bags and the big tray of spaghetti that I was lugging for our breakfast potluck today) down on the ground. And worse still, I was wearing a skirt!!! I heard shrieks from the people riding with me as I fell. It was like in the movies when a kidnap victim is trying to jump off the moving car to get away from her kidnappers! It was crazy!

Luckily, I managed to get up after a kind lady who was standing in the side walk helped me. I felt horrible! My knees were shaking as I got up and as I saw the van sped away without stopping to help me. My elbow had scratches and a big dark bruise. My shoulders hurt too. My wrist watch also had several ugly scratches on the crown and on the glass (and I think that saved me from bearing more wounds on my hands and fingers). Good thing, the spaghetti tray that I was carrying, though it got deformed, was intact.

Anyway, I already reported the incident to a contact from the group of drivers who service the people going to Makati. And you know what the driver said? He said that he didn’t notice anybody falling off from his van. What a liar! Anyway, tomorrow, I might see him again and I’ll really face him head to head.

Meantime, I just want to go home now. I could only think of hot tubs and relaxing spas now. Thus, I’m calling the maid in a minute so that she can prepare the bathroom at home where we have a Private Brand Hot Tub. And then I could relax and sulk (ahem) for an hour or so on the tub tonight...and try to get rid of all body aches and negative thoughts once and for all.

Speaking of thoughts, one happy thought is that you can actually buy your tubs online where you no longer need to pay retail prices and state sales tax (except in the state of Florida). Happy thoughts, happy thoughts…

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