Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding

London-based Cleo, one of my dear best friends, recently got hitched to her boyfriend of 3 years in a very simple church ceremony. I'll say that in spite of the rush preparation (it's so hard to plan when you're an overseas bride), the wedding was actually nice.

We arrived just in time for the bridal procession. She was wearing the mid-length gown which I bought the night before (yes, you read it right, I bought the gown the night before). Anyway, her bridal bouquet was lovely. And of course, her bag is cute (coz it's mine!). Haha!

The priest who solemnized the wedding was a fairly new and young priest. He's been a priest for less than a year, I think. Anyway, during the homily, he associated a marriage with chopsticks. With no pun intended for Cleo's being partly Chinese, he depicted the similarities between the two. It's quite simple really. The key is really to work together to make the marriage work.

With all its simplicity, let me just note that I love a wedding like this. This is a real marriage with wedding vows done by the couple in front of Our Lord and all His Saints (well, as opposed to weddings that are officiated just by a civil authority). There is no need for grand entrances or ostentatious flowers or gowns. As long as the form and matter are present, it is a sacrament, a valid marriage.

So here is the happy couple.

After the mass, they hitched in a shiny black car going to the reception in Makati.

And here's us. Oh well, I look at myself here with a little cringe. If you notice, I haven't gotten back to my old (often dubbed as pre-pregnancy) weight yet. My tummy still has that sort of pregnancy pouch that doesn't seem to come off. If only I could, I'll fly to the States and have a plastic surgery travel and undergo a california cosmetic surgery to lose all those pounds I gained from giving birth. Do you think it's already safe to have a procedure done like a tummy tuck in Beverly Hills? Well, I'll have to ask my OB first.

Anyway, going back to the wedding, the reception was at Conti's in Greenbelt. I sort of know one of the persons who own the place so I recommended them to the couple. Well, apart from a small glitch with the reservations, the food was glorious (okay, there goes my diet again!).

My warm wishes for a lasting marriage to you guys! May you find yourselves together soon in London (as planned). Cheers to lots of cute babies in the future!

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