Monday, March 15, 2010

For the Seniors.

Do you remember the movie “The Notebook”, taken from the best-selling novel by Nicholas Sparks? Except for some “adult parts” (which I always skip and move to fast-forward), I love the way the movie was told. The lines in the movie and the actions of the characters kind of draw the fire in your heart and bring out the tears in your eyes. Anyway, it’s one of my favorite movies because it talks about the conditional love between husband and wife. And regardless on how many times I’ve watched the movie, I also end up sobbing like crazy. Maybe partly it’s because I see how my parents loved each other and how their marriage was a great one until the end just like that in the movie.

It was told in the story that the main woman character in the movie had a medical problem which consists of forgetting the things that had happened to her. But in spite of that, her husband never left her side. They lived in their old house which was converted into a nursing home and the people there help them live a normal life even in their old age.

Anyway, speaking of nursing homes, in America, I think more and more siblings and their families are searching for nursing homes where they can put their elderly parents. This often happens when siblings live in different parts of the country and they cannot contribute much in giving care and emotional support to their aged parents. And in order to help these kinds of families, there are now assisted living communities which are there to provide facilities to elderly people. This kind of senior independent living promotes the welfare of the old and gives them the attention and support they need in this time in their lives. Assisted living facilities are available in many different states and are quite easy to look for.

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