Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Bonus

I just finished a major project at work which concerns our annual variable bonus. We released the letters today and all the people concerned are ecstatic on how much their bonus will be.

While many are just itching to use their money for shopping for new stuff, like an cellphones or luxury bags, I’m keeping the air of temperance this time and opting to use the money for paying off some debts and hopefully closing some accounts. I also allotted part of it for the enrollment of our daughter for this next school year (and this doesn’t come cheap these days). And of course, another percent of the total will go to some house renovation and house stuff. I am looking at some address plaques because I want to replace our old one with a new address sign. You see the two wall address plaques (one with the number and the other with a religious image) that we currently have both got rusty when it was submerged in flood water last September.

Anyway, I am realizing now that it was much different then when I was single and didn’t have a family yet. Now the mother and home manager in me just wants to look after my family’s welfare ALL THE TIME.

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