Thursday, March 25, 2010

Miss Thrifty

Ms. Thrifty, well, that is me.

Even with the recent bonus that I got, I still have to live that virtue of being thrifty in order to make ends meet in the family. My motto is: Money doesn't grow on trees. Thus, as the mother in the family, I have to make sure that all the money that comes in is monitored and used firstly on our basic needs and then, on a limited basis, for some extras.

One of those things that I am thinking about is that if would be needing a garage door remote for our house. Well all know that the safety of our family and our property is a main concern of any parent. And oh what a joy it will be if we can afford to upgrade our garage so that it will have a garage keypad and a garage door receiver. Then we will be sleeping soundly every night without any worries that someone will try to break in into our garage and home.

Anyway, going back to being thrifty. I recently have tried to be extra particular in the use of electricity at home. I received our monthly bill last month and I almost fainted. Our bill almost takes all of my take-home pay! It's crazy. And so I needed to make some radical changes so can save a little bit and be able to pay our electric bill monthly. Argh! It's really so hard to budget.

Remember when we went to Tanay with friends to have our summer outing? I totally scrimped on Zoe's bathing outfit and decided to make her use her very old (but only used once) swimsuit which I got ages ago from the Chicco store in the old Glorietta.

Here are the pictures.

First, here's Zoe wearing the suit at around 8 months old:

And now, here she is at 3.5 years!

My golly gee!

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