Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Organic Onesies by Natsumi

We recently bought an Osh Kosh bodysuit for our little boy. I thought it was already cute...

...but this one is definitely cuter plus it's organic!

From the website:

Teach them early the benefits of growing strong and appreciate the beauty of being ‘green’! This organic cotton onesie is super soft and very gentle on your baby’s skin. It’s made in the USA and the cotton is grown without any pesticides or chemicals, making it the perfect onesie for your little sprout!

Natsumi grew up in the rural countryside on the Southern coast of Japan surrounded by beaches and mountains, which became her playground. It was there she became deeply inspired by nature. Now living in New York City, she mixes the elements of the natural world with ideas from contemporary art, design, fashion and architecture. Natsumi’s work consists of simple line illustrations and watercolors.

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