Thursday, March 4, 2010

Praying for Rain

With the event of the El Niño phenomenon that is adversely affecting our country, the local archbishop has asked us to implore the help of our Creator to send us ample rain and ease the drought that we are facing.

Rain is a very important occurrence in the cycle of life. It restores our land and provides the resources needed in giving enough water and power supply to our country. Rain water is also very beneficial to aid of domestic needs for water. A basin of fresh rain water is helpful enough to use for gardening, washing, and for other cleaning activities.

Speaking of rain, rain chains often present a decorative as well as functional piece in collecting rain runoff. Having chains rain adds a bit of beauty versus the usual downspout. A rain chain exhibits a fountain-like motion to the dropping water which when looked at gives a feeling of relaxation and peace.

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