Thursday, March 18, 2010

We're Ready for Summer!

We're gearing up for the summer! This Saturday, my college friends and our families are going up to Tanay in our friend's newly-renovated resort to have a super fun time under the sun.

We're bringing the two kids with us, of course. If you know me well, you would know that I'm not exactly a beach (err..water) person. Thus, we really seldom go to swimming outings. Given that, please be don't be so surprised to know that this would actually be just the second time for Zoe to be on an out-of-town swimming trip and then the very first time for baby Luigi. Personally, I really prefer making use of above ground pool pumps at home for some fun time with the water. I like the idea of mimicking a swimming party by just inviting friends and their kids over to our house, let them play on an inflatable pool and have some good food like barbeque and other snacks. I have surveyed some quick set pools in the market and find it safer and not to mention cheaper than bringing the whole family to far-flung beach places for a swimming adventure. With the cost of gas these days, I'd very much stay at home, thank you. Besides, I also don't like to me and my kids to get too sunburnt from staying too long under the sun. With an inflatable pool, which sometimes comes with a above ground pool cover, you can swim outdoors and indoors too! And when you're at home, you can distract them from swimming with other things like tv, fun games and yummy food. Hehehe.

Anyway, I'm giving in on this weekend's outing since it will be courtesy of my friend and we are only hitching a ride with another friend. :-) We already got Zoe a new inflatable Dora The Explorer life vest and she's excited to use it already. :-)

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