Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Zoe's Train Map

For Zoe's train map, we managed to create a colorful combination of art materials to show where our journey will be. All these were done in a photofinish fashion. LOL.

As you may see, the map says that Zoe's going to pass by the school, the forest, the river and then to Grandma's house for some ice cream. I thought that only a 3-year old can appreciate something like that...

At school, each student had a chance to talk about their homework. I think some kids (or maybe parents) showed off a little bit by putting in there pictures/drawings of their trips to HK, Australia, famous out-of-town places, etc., etc. Zoe had none of those but, nevertheless, the job is still done. :-)

Anyway, this is a picture showing Zoe's turn to show and tell.

After show and tell, Teacher Jeannie posted all the kids' work on the wall.

My happy student!

But who's happier? >>>Mommy! Because next week -- NO assignment! Yay!

2 shared their thoughts:

PM said...

cute! your project is so colorful!

Vina said...

super thanks pat for the compliment!

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