Sunday, April 11, 2010

Loving the Kitchen

As a young lady, I experienced a time when I was totally addicted to cooking and baking. I would spend hours and hours back then making chocolate cakes, crinkles, different kinds of pasta, and many other delicious treats.

However, when I started to go to college, my affair with cooking took a back seat since I had to work my ass off making linear graphs, downward-sloping curves and all that economics stuff. More so as the years passed by, I saw myself spending less and less time in the kitchen and more and more time literally out of the house.

Anyway, with the advent of cable tv (which we didn't have back then) and HGTV (LOL!), those memories of my time working in the kitchen slowly grow back. Besides wanting to cook up dinners and desserts, I come drooling at the lovely kitchens that they show on tv. I'm not exactly complaining on the look and beauty of my own kitchen. However, if only I had a chance, I'll get myself some kitchen remodeling contractors to make my kitchen look a little bit more like the kitchen of Ina Garten or Martha Stewart. A newly-refurbished kitchen like that would be so awesome and will surely make me stay longer in the kitchen!

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