Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On a date again.

Last week was a pretty stressful week for us. For one, there were some issues that we had to go through and pray about. And then work was, as usual, busy. While I created dozens of proposals for salary structure improvements, my hubby was busy dealing with people and helping them in terms of reverse mortgage information. In fact, I would test him sometimes on how well his knowledge is about reverse mortgage and what the reverse mortgage pros and cons are. Based on his answers, I could swear my husband has turned from an IT professional into a mortgage expert. And I see how much has changed with his disposition now. He’s so much relaxed, so much happier, without any regrets. The big sacrifice that he did a few months back has indeed paid off. There is nothing like trusting your gut feel and keeping your priorities right.

Overall, I am quite happy that we both are enriching ourselves and our minds with the challenges we encounter daily at work, even with the stresses and all.

Anyway, since it was another three-day weekend last week, we thought of leaving the kids behind and going out for dinner to somewhere new. With this in mind, we found ourselves going to Quezon City, particularly at the site of the UP Ayala Techno Hub where there are several new dining options.

Our feet led us to Kanin Club.

The last time we ate at Kanin Club was when we went to Sta. Rosa and then up to Tagaytay for Zoe’s 2nd birthday. And obviously, we missed their signature Crispy Dinuguan.

We waited around 40 minutes to get seats but since the breeze was a bit cold outside, we really didn’t mind.

Here’s a view of the UP Ayala Techno Park, the restaurant, salt and pepper squid appetizer we ordered and Kanin Club’s Crispy Dinuguan.

The dinuguan was high in cholesterol but it was delicious and not necessarily bad if you take it only once in a blue moon.

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