Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cleaning Challenge of the Week - Zoe's Study Area

With Zoe's very first time to go to a regular preschool this coming June, I thought of preparing her better by re-arranging her study table and books into a more conducive area in the attic.

I no longer want her study table to just act as a "display" and dust accumulator. It's high time to convert it into something useful. So first thing I did was to clean and clear this particular space in the attic to make way for her new study nook.

These rubber mats will "define" her working space, i.e. this space will belong to Zoe while the opposite side (for a later post) will be Mommy's working space.

After much introspection, this is the finished product:

Now Zoe has a space to do her "writing", arts, crafts and "studying". She also now has one place to put all her current books and bedtime readings.

She loves it!

I love it too.

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