Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Art Supplies Box

One of my perrennial organization problems is managing my art and craft supplies.

Coming from a standpoint where I was very "OC" when it came to my wedding, my kid's birthday parties and then now that I am officially a mother of a preschooler, I had accumulated so many of those art supplies which may "come in handy" when the occasion called for it.

Thus, my supplies were overflowing with too many... paper
...pentel pens
...colored boards and papers
...crepe papers wrappings
...etc. etc.

I finally put my foot forward and ended my messy tendency. I purchased a plastic box from the supermarket and organized everything craft and art-related into one big box.

Ta-dah!!! (My art supplies box is the one on top.)

Now, I don't have to keep on buying art supplies when I don't really need to since I can see everything properly.

By doing this, I believe that I saved my family a few hundred bucks.

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