Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ikea Stuff

It's kinda funny but one of the "highlights" of our Singapore trip last year was spending a whole morning at IKEA.

It was our second day in the country and it had suddenly rained. We were planning on hitting Orchard Road early but decided to just have breakfast and shop at the IKEA store. What a wonderful experience we had there.

Here are our most useful purchases:

These are their storage baskets they have named Korall Fisk and Korall Skolpadda. Right now, it's where we keep Zoe's stuff toys and other things. Very very nice.

I just love IKEA. Wish we could go back there when we start our house renovation to make way for Zoe's room. I've actually seen the store in Kamuning which re-sell IKEA stuff but I'm afraid their stocks might be limited. And of course, iba pa rin yung IKEA experience.


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