Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Value of Manual Work

I attended a talk last Monday about the value of home management and one of the speakers talked about how manual work as equally valuable (or even better) as doing professional work. She said that the reason for this is because manual work, since it's nature of routinary, gives you the opportunity to pray, and to pray more. And since one can precisely pray while working, it only makes sense that one should work well and try to offer to God a kind of work that is NOT sloppy even if it means just cleaning your kitchen sink.

What a wonderful idea! If only all the housewives and household helpers have this kind of attitude with regard to household work. Then they would have sanctified their work and sanctified themselves by praying for themselves and for the families whom they serve while doing their daily tasks. With this, they can find satisfaction in their work and won't look at it as something that is downgrading or shameful. I personally don't think there's anything shameful about working as a household help, a yaya or a laundry woman. The nature of their work is not at all something to ashamed about. What should be shameful is when you don't do your work well.

My resolutions: Love your househelp as if they are your family and pay them well too! Their service to you is 24/7 and their compassion for your family is really priceless!

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