Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mental Note

While attending a seminar the other day, I found myself scribbling on some pieces of paper making some notes. Here are some of the personal things I wrote:

1. I want to learn to be more confident and be more organized in my thoughts and in my surroundings.

2. I want to be debt-free soon, get rid of all my credit cards and learn how to save money for the rainy days.

3. I want to lose weight, look better, feel better, and embrace a healthier kind of lifestyle.

4. I want a job which will allow me to have work-life balance. I really want to be able to go home early from work all the time to spend more time for the baby. (My current work doesn't allow me this kind of time sched).

5. I want to improve my sense of fashion (without spending huge amounts of money) and be able to streamline my wardrobe (read: get rid of old clothes and unwanted stuff).

6. I want to be able to make ample time for doing all my norms of piety (and that pretty much depends on self-disciple on my part).

7. I want to be able to make a difference in society. I have been planning to join TAG for so long now. TAG means Television Advocacy Group. They are a group of ladies who try to promote responsible media practice and awareness of the effects of good and bad tv shows airing now.


2 shared their thoughts:

Pat said...

wow, vina! parang this list is my list too, except for the work balance part. my current job gives me that. kaya i can't resign eh. hehehe

Vina said...

hi pat! seriously, i might give up my banking career anytime if only for this work-life balance issue. until then, gotta concentrate on working well everyday. :-)

hope we really obtain all our wishes and goals!

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