Monday, June 2, 2008

Cleaning Up the Pantry

I promised to post pics of my newly-organized pantry as written here but only got to do so now.

For starters, I'm just so happy our kitchen includes a 10 foot cabinet cum pantry which can fit many of our small appliances, trays, food, alcoholic drinks and other stocks including our rice dispenser and baby diapers.

Here are some bits and pieces of my efforts to put more order in our kitchen and food supplies.

First off, all drink-related stuff in one panel:

Next, canned goods and foodie stuff galore (I replenished our supplies after taking this picture):

Got rid of all the kalat (pictures, bills, reminders) posted in our ref and just left some nice magnets. It's actually very refreshing to be able to see a clean ref door.

Kitchen console consisting of our breakfast stuff and fruits (still a bit magulo don't you think?):

Now, on to my next project! The bathroom! Will keep you posted!

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Pat said...

i tidied up my kitchen too, but i've to take pics pa. good for u that u have a big cabinet. me naman, nakadisplay na lahat sa mga counters. : (

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