Saturday, June 21, 2008

All This Rain... making me tired and worried.

I had to wake up earlier than usual this morning just to check if the street is already flooded. Since the hubby is away for an outing (talk about awful timing) in Bataan, I was in charge of making sure that all our cars are safe from the floods.

From past experience, only a few days of heavy rain are enough to cause floods in our area. As expected, with the typhoon Frank pouring rains since early this morning, I had to drive the cars to the nearby gas station to secure them from getting caught in the flood.

By 10 am, flood was already ankle-foot and since there was an announcement by the barangay that the creek is about to overflow, I quickly had to drive our cars one after another to the village entrance, walking back and forth to the house and braving the floods to pick up the next car at home. Hay. I just hope the cars are all safe there. I felt somewhat disoriented with the rush that now I feel worried -- I might have forgotten to lock all the doors or maybe forgot to close all the windows.

Now I feel all the more how important it is for my husband to be here with us all the time and not in some far away place. Maybe this is some kind of sign.

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