Sunday, June 22, 2008

Some Pics and Some Stories...

Having floods has never been easy. I practically grew up being accustomed to them. You see, our area has become the lowest point of the highway since our village was the last subdivision which opened in the '70's before they decided to continue the road and construct the elevated Imelda Highway and Marcos Highway going all the way to Cubao. Thus, all the water coming from the creek passes through the newer villages and then to ours which thus becomes the ultimate brimming point of all the flood water.

There were times that life became so hard for us due to the floods. I had memories of a flood before where we had to evacuated to a nearby factory. The water reached up to the windows of our houses that we had to leave everything. I remember crying a lot and losing many of our valuables and most of our childhood pictures and books to that flood.

There was also a time when I accidentally kicked my school bag from my bed which was elevated 4 feet high (water was knee-deep all over the house) and messed up my notebooks and textbooks. Funny, when it all dried up (I used a blow-dryer!), I ended up bring my Economics text book by chapters. My teacher scolded me for not bringing the whole book. She thought that I was just being lazy to carry it around. She didn't know that everything got torn apart!

After experiencing so many floods, my parents vowed to save up to reconstruct our house in a structure that it higher and bigger. They didn't want to leave our place since our village had a very good community and we loved it there. Too bad, my mom only got to 'enjoy' the new house for a few months. She died 2 months only after we had our house blessing.

Okay, no crying this time.

Here are just some pics of the flood 06/22/08:

Look at my hubby posing for me in the flood (I was in our veranda while taking the pic). We still decided to wade the flood water just to be able to go to Sunday Mass:

Can you see it? Water is all around the village:

My brother Francis caught a hito in the flood:

Zoe was shouting FISH! FISH! FISH!

Now, do you think we can fry the hito for lunch? Harhar!

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