Friday, July 18, 2008

Duty Free Shopping

My sister will be arriving from Australia next week and I was the one tasked to pick her up from the airport. And since she will only be in Manila for a few hours because she booked a flight to Iloilo that same day, I plan to drag her to the Duty Free Mall to take advantage of the cheaper goods there.

I really hope to be able to buy several things there. First, I want to get my baby girl a new pair of Crocs since I found out this week that her Crocs almost don't fit anymore. I also wish to grab a pair for myself (a Malindi) if there's an available size. I've been forever stuck to my off-white Crocs Beach and it already looks worn out. In addition, I also want to buy my hubby another Lacoste shirt (of a color he still doesn't have). I also want to buy my mother-in-law a few imported items from the grocery.

What else? I'm also thinking of taking advantage of the cheaper price and buy a new washing machine. But I guess for this particular thing, I would already need to avail of the best payday loan since this is a big ticket item already considering that our finances are not as overflowing as it used to be and payday is still next next week.

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