Sunday, July 13, 2008

Monthly Expenses

Grabbed this one from N@W:

How many sq meters is your place, and how many people live there?

We have about 300sqm floor area standing on a 200+sqm lot. There now just 7 of us here. My Dad and new step are now living in Batangas. So its hubby, me, Zoe, yaya, Francis, helper and her son.

How much is your electricity bill monthly? Water?

Electricity -Normally 6,000 a month. Gosh! That's high in my opinion. Never had a prob with this before since it was my dad who was paying for it before he re-married. Now, I'm adjusting my budget to be able to pay on time. LOL.

Water - 1,500 or more

Dues - my dad pays for it

Other utilities?

House Rent - we own the house

Internet - none; sometimes use my Smart connection during weekends

Mobile Phone Plans - 1,200 for me, 1,800 for hubby

Landline -PLDT - 850 a month

Drinking Water - 1,800 a month

Cable - paid for the whole year na

Fuel/Gas - Gosh, it's rising!!! good thing, hubby has 12k worth of gas allowance. We now seldom use the 2 other cars since gas is so expensive. I'd rather commute or take MRT on color coding days.

LPG - 680 a month x 2.

Maids - Helper at 3,600, Yaya - 3,000, Weekly labandera - 1,200

Helper’s daily allowance for snacks - about 500 a month.

Groceries? Market?

Groceries - around 12,000-15,000 a month. Need to learn bring down this amount -- and soon!

Wet Market - around 7,000 a month

So that is where all my/our salaries are going! Insurance, educational fund, car repairs & maintenance expense, clothes, shoes and other expenses are not even on the list yet! Whaaa! Super tipid na talaga dapat.

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Ai said...

grabe ang expenses sis ano?that's what i realized when i get married that it is not easy to manage a home. plus only hubby is working here so we are depending one salary and then europe is so expensive pa naman. ang taas ng taxes and a lot of bills to pay esp. electric bill coz of heater during winter. heheh! but this is life at least we can still manage and buy things we want. tks for sharing this.

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