Monday, July 14, 2008

Work Update

Work has been so busy lately. My boss was recently sent to Shanghai, China for a 3-day business trip so I had to prepare lots of documents for her to bring to her meetings. There were newly-appointed officers in Shanghai and they were all eager to meet with her to discuss the new compensation scheme.

Everything was so tensed before she left because my boss was only informed about the trip a day and a half before her actual flight. Two nights before, while she was browsing the internet looking for insurance online, the big boss called her up to tell her that she is expected to fly soon. So we had to rush many things including her China visa, her ticket, her hotel accommodation and many other things. It was so stressful for her and for me too!

Anyway, everything turned out okay. Good thing she was able to immediately settle the issues with our Chinese colleagues. And this means that after her meetings, she already had time to relax, tour the city and shop the next day. But no, my boss was so wise and thrifty to even buy anything from there! She only wanted to go back home to her family and didn't care about taking advantage of the goods they have in China.

Now if only I have that much control in spending...

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