Friday, July 18, 2008

An Unexpected Gift

I recently got a surprise of my life last weekend.

Ever since I was born, I had lived in the same place with my parents. So I guess you can say that I practically grew up with our house. However, after around 25 years of living in our house, my parents decided to have the house rebuilt into a bigger house. Too bad, my mother enjoyed this new house for only about two months before she passed away. And because of the big expense we incurred with the house construction plus my mother's hospitalization, the finishing and interior design of the house was put into a halt and had to wait for a few months before its final completion. My Dad even thought of going into a refinance mortgage for his short-term housing loan but decided otherwise. Now, everything has been settled because of my Dad's efforts and God's grace.

Anyway, with my Dad remarrying last May, he decided to transfer the title of the house to my sister and myself. I don't know about the legalities of all these real estate properties but honestly, I didn't expect my Dad to do that for us. At any rate, it was really a show of love on the part of my Dad and I admire him so much for being a great Dad who always looks after us and who always wants to give the best to us.

I love you Tatay (and Nanay) and thank you so much for this gift. :-) I promise to take care of this house which is like the 'monument' of your love and sacrifices that you put in for the whole family.

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