Sunday, September 28, 2008

Got to be Slim Again

I was just browsing through my wedding pictures and am still in awe on how slim I was back then. During those days, I only weighed around 115 lbs. Actually, I still lost some pounds before I got married because I did not fit in my wedding gown around two months before. Because of my determination to fit in my gown, I made it a point to exercise regularly and regulate my meals. No, I did not resort to a tummy tuck back then. I was so fixated in losing weight that time that it happened even without any medical intervention.

But since I got pregnant and gave birth, my body changed drastically, I must say. I really gained a lot during that time. I think I exceeded the weight gain limit because I gained around 40 lbs. during my pregnancy! The weight gain was not because the baby was big but because I was big and the rest of me swelled like crazy. My nose was big and my feet grew by two inches. No need for breast augmentation because my size increased by 4 inches, I think. Actually, I did not want to have my picture taken at all during those times. It's not that I hated how I looked like because I carry on for my love for the baby. It's only because I only want to have memories of the time that I looked good and I was slim and not the opposite.

How do I go back to my old body again? Or maybe the better question is, can I still go back to my slim self again? I have almost considered having liposuction but I simply have to stop myself because we are actually planning again for another baby this year. When I do get pregnant again, I promise myself to watch what I eat (meaning less fat and less salt for me) less I balloon again and gain weight unnecessarily. I'm going to do this because from experience, I know that what you gain now will be harder to lose after.

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